I have this "Huge" problem for a long, long time!

Hello everyone, im new in this place. I have big bug in unturned so i will try my best to explain everything in details! (Ask me everything about this bug, i maybe forgot to mention something);
So the problem is When i join to some server for example (Frezzer Sandbox Arena or any server) I got Queue 1# stuck and sometimes it goes from Queue position 1# to qPosition #122 or qPosition #170 or #200 or #220 its random numbers, after 5-10 secs i get kick from the server and its still stuck at loading screen and when i click “Cancel” on down bottom White-Gray screen poopup on my monitor and it stay for 3,4 secs and after that time it back me to game menu. Help me! And also i tried to put my settings to lowest, draw distance to lowest, resolution to lowest too. And to unequip all skins delete game, verify game files, all that stuff maybe 5-10 times tried.

(Before several days some “magic” happends, when i unequiped everyskin in my inventory i was able to play on some servers so i start to “experiment” with it and i leaved from server and i equip 2,3 skins and i tried to join server again and i joined on server without problems, when i again leaved and equip 1,2 skins more i wasn’t able to join on that server. Pretty weird ha’. (Also i still can’t join on A LOT servers when all my skins are unequip. Also the video which should help in my explanation, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFG4tqHcFiQ&feature=youtu.be

Verify your files.

I already tried too many times, but still didn’t help me… :/:pensive::neutral_face: