I hope unturned will rejoin the skin drop

A while ago, unturned removed the skin drop to prevent someone from using it to make money. But I think just making the drop skin untradeable will solve the problem. And skin drop will also increase the interest of players :v:


The interest of the game is not in getting skins, but in the gameplay of the game, the developer gave people Editor, to create at full throttle. :raised_hands:

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Skins are big parts of many games, for example take a look at CSGO which blew up because of introducing skins to begin with. Its not something everyone needs or enjoys but skins are nice to have and I would like skin drops to come back either, especially for the sake of giving players that can not spend money on steam a chance to get some


make a reset system for skins without a price, but truth be told, then Nelson would need people to draw skins that don’t have a price :upside_down_face: :unicorn:

Probably not the kind you want tho

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Skin drops should be handled differently between F2P and Gold users.

F2P users would receive untradeable items and Gold users would receive tradeable ones.

There would still be a trading community but the paywall would prevent bots from destroying the economy.


Ye, but I doubt the Gold users would care about random drops. But it would fix that bot issue.

Without the F2P accounts flooding the marketplace with items, the value and rarity might increase.
But we would honestly need new skins to be added to the drop/random craft pool and new craft options to complement that.

Maybe we could have some sort of rotation on the available skin drop pool, to further increase the rarity of certain items.


You know the more I think about it the more I like the idea. I thought that the old system would just get re-used but not having the bot issue you could revamp it.


That sounds good

I hope there will be like some ‘filter’ to filter out people who are bots and are doing suspicious behavior and people who just play the game.

Or just unlock skin drops to people who reach specific amount hours in the game (i currently have 1226 hours)
for example, if you reached 500 hours, you will unlock the skin drop to prove that you are an actual person

(I don’t know if bots can stay up forever on unturned so i don’t really know if these suggestions are good)

I agree. Please Nelson, make the skin drops come back, I really want that to happen.

More effort than its worth

If anything this would encourage botting

They can, meaning those aren’t going to be working.

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