I made a launcher for Unturned in C# and Visual Studio

The Unturned Launcher Project

I made this launcher in visual studio with C# inspired by Launcher Project

Post suggestions in the comments and lets see if we can make an awesome community launcher filled with features!!

Current Features

Start game linked to steam using steam://rungameid/304930, Click me to start unturned!
Update log linked to https://steamcommunity.com/app/304930/announcements/
Website button linked to https://smartlydressedgames.com
Steam Page button linked to http://store.steampowered.com/app/304930/Unturned/

Current Build v.01

Build is a .exe file distributed by .zip from dropbox.com link should auto download the file, launcher may need permission from antivirus to view update log.
Download the current build in a .zip from dropbox here

this is sketch.

What do you mean @Whistleblower

i mean look at it

it was just a quick mockup made in 5 mins @Whistleblower

I really don’t see the point of a launcher when we can just use Steam, which is just as efficient, if not more.

Unless we get something like Minecraft has (selecting different versions of the game, including modded versions), a launcher for Unturned isn’t a necessity.


yeah this was the point extra features steam couldnt add simply

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What features? All I see is a launcher. Steam already does all of that.


yeah thats what am asking for suggestions

so you make something and THEN ask OTHERS what can be done with it?

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well i didnt really know what to add