I made something impossible in MP

Its impossible to yaw an object when its pitched down so i made this in admin mode

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Yeah we really can’t see anything. Don’t know why you would take a screenshot at night. It baffles me.


U happy now (:

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You really made a post about slightly rotated plates.


This post is all about the curvature. Some people enjoy curvature! Don’t judge OP. >:C

EDIT: Also, y’all need to check your monitor settings if you genuinely can’t see the first image that well (assuming it wasn’t just an issue of not knowing what to look at). Same advice applies to anyone who can’t see well during in-game nights (i.e., the “it’s pitch black” discussions). Could be your gamma, brightness, black boost (Acer), etc.


The near impossible plates my friend

love me some slightly rotated plates :yum:

Yeah i definitely enjoy some good curves (͡ ͡° ͜ つ ͡͡°)


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