I made this a while ago of what I think the turned should sound like, but I scraped it

https://vocaroo.com/i/s0ydTQeLtz0x That is me on the mic. I made 2 audio tracks with different modifiers.

Origin: Sometimes I get pissed when playing cops with my friend in gmod, so I just make a sound that sounds like an old man falling down the stairs.


Now i won’t be able to sleep at night,Thanks!


I think it’s too terrifying


good. Mutated things with fungus and can hang on walls have to look creepy.

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hey guys I cant hear anything anymore plz send help my ears are bleeding and it looks like my house exploded…

scratch that my entire town. I dont even know why Im alive.

send help

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Yeah I’ve stubbed my toe before too

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I imagined a special upset making that sound, like a screamer or something.
And now, thanks for the sleepless nights and the damaged eardrums!

my dog when i walk in the kitchen:


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