I might be the first one to get the Stuffed toys?

Looks good,Because Stuffed toys are made in China,So it only took 2 days from shipment to receipt of the goods,But the shipping cost is too expensive,Usually it only costs 2 dollars, but this time it will cost 9 dollars,And when will the cdk in the game be released。


Lucky mf :angry:

It is very cute! I am surprised by the shipping costs. If you are enjoying it, I’m happy for you.

I’m surprised it shipped so early! The original expected ship date was in October. I only submitted the request for the hidden DLC release last week, so it might be a few days to a week or two before the CD keys are sent out.


the skrunkly!

hey im curious about something can you send a video of you throwing it as far as you physically can


did u get code for skin in game?

had to buy a separate plush for the cape
the quality is very nice, good materials


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