I need help with an issue :<

So ive been having some issues with unturned lately where i can join a server - chat, kill and use admin commands etc but after 20 seconds it disconnects me i have tried many things from re starting computer, verifying files, backing up files, deleting unturned mods and reseting my internet and it still does not work.
Im wondering if its got something to do with my internet as since i got new internet it hasnt worked and im wondering if im getting a bad connection to the server.

This definitely sounds like a connection issue.

Have you by any chance enabled the debug display? In the game settings there should be an option for you to enable and FPS/Debug overlay, which by default shows on the top left corner of the screen. If you are disconnecting, it will tell you exactly when your connection is timing out and may provide insight.

A connection timeout usually takes almost exactly 20 seconds to occur, which would be indicative of your connection’s status. From my preemptive guesses, something is wrong with your connection that is consistently making you disconnect after a brief stint on the server.

thats was happening but idk whats the solution is ive opened up some ports and added a static ip but its not working still
im clueless if someone could help me resolve this issue ill be greatfully thankful

what are your graphical settings

maybe setting them all to low will fix the problem.

got you, you forgot to reinstall Unturned.