I need help with custom garage double doors

I recently made a custom double door barricade, and am having problems making it work in the game.

I believe the problem is that my Barricade has skeleton and hinges under another Armature gameobject, with this the door can’t even be placed, but if i move the skeleton gameobject out of Armature and i delete the armature, the door becomes placable but i can’t interact with it because removing armature also deletes the animations.

Idk if this information is useful but in Blender the door meshes are parented with the bones and i made animations by moving the bones in Pose mode.
I also exported my doors from Blender 2.79, with version FBX 6.1 ASCII selected.

I really hope there’s someone who can help me, because i have been stuck on this for the past 2 days.

As you can see in the picture what i mean, the top barricade is my door.

Ok i have an update, i still didn’t manage to import my doors the right way, i tried with Binary FBX which also had some other problems like the rotations of the mesh in unity and then animations not rotating right, i also tried with applied rotations in Blender but it still didn’t work.

The only thing i just managed to do is just replace the vanilla door meshes with my door meshes in the vanilla DoubleDoor example and i guess this is the only option for now.

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