I need help


can some one help.


what exactly do you need help with?, did the map load this way, or did you phase through the ground

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It’s hard to figure out what your image is meant to show. It looks like the you’re under the map terrain, but this definitely doesn’t look like an official map based on the trees. Are you playing on an old workshop map?

it has been like this for like 2 months and I don’t know what to do

no this is Germany

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So have all maps been doing this or just the one?

all of them have it

I would try verifying the game files on steam, if that doesn’t work, maybe try reinstalling

I have reinstalled unturned like 5 times

and what do u mean verifying the game files on steam

You go into local files by right clicking a game in your library, then hitting “properties” and then hit “browse local files”, look thru the tabs and find a button that says, “verify game files” or something like that

I do not see a verify game files

i understand bro, the picture resembles that the world is empty and is full with lies :pensive:


??? What do u mean

It might not be labeled exactly as that, Just look for something that says verify

nope there is no verify or any thing that is like it
for me

hold on, I’ll check what its called

  1. steam library

  2. right click unturned, hit “properties”

  3. hit, “local files”

  4. middle option, “verify integrity of game files”

ok it says files validated