I need urgent help with this arena

So the map jam is almost at an end and my team does not have time to work on it anymore so they quit, is anyone interested and would like to work with me?

So we have finished all the models but the props are still not in unity yet.
so i need a map maker and a guy who can make models work ingame


Paladin’s Electronics :thinking:

Sorry to hear that your team kind of quit on you

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we didn’t quit, we mutually agreed that the project wasn’t going to go anywhere.

yeah, we basically lost motivation

but now i have motivation again

If that’s not quitting what is?


Can’t you make objects rolling? You can probably finish this map in the time you have if you focus on the map and not the guns

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If the models are all finished and optimized the most I can do for you is quickly bundle them.

Ouch your team quiit, sorry.

Right now a good friend of mine Tiway has bundled almost all the map assets, we just need a map editor

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I thought tiway was a map editor?

pesky’s premium antibiotics

we need to get the message over


In support this

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