I never thought I could play computer games so much

I never thought I could play computer games so much. I can spend 5 and sometimes 9 hours playing games, if I have no business to do, but if I have them, I still play, but already for 2-4 hours, as it turned out. I figured it out after my friend recommended me monitor pc activity and track internet activity, then make a daily work routine and organize the time correctly. My productivity has increased in a month, thanks to my best friend! I like this time tracking software


Which one you use? I have the same problem rn.

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Hey! I settled on WorkTime, I also use it for planning work and daily work routine

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thank you! I’ll try that

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This sounds like an advertisement


how much time do you play?

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I really have an addiction, I play a lot


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Up to 8 hours.

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