I present to you: the new ultra compact eaglefire

this brand new weapon features absolutely 0 recoil control, and no barrel for extra unreliability. we guarantee that you will hit approximately 2 shots for every 60 rounds you put through, making this one of the most reliable firearms on the market when it comes to accuracy

pick up your own today at the link below


new smg


this is not okay

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Somebody come get this man out of here

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the link does not seem to work???


Is that a vz 61 from area 51

AR pistols, hell yeah

The ATF would like to know your location

Buffer tube and a STANAG 4172 on a scoprion, reeeeee

I said from area 51

It don’t work like that

Lol i know

smol gun .

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the post is 10 characters tho :griefer:


Ik but if I want to write ik it’s not help

fractured leg


Guys just balance by making it hard to find.

Did you break your leg recently? Are you suffering from walking and not being able to sprint? Well I have a solution for all your life problems! Introducing the Splint! It magically heals your leg instantly! How does it do it? I don’t have the answers to that, BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE… With each use of the Splint, you will gain a small portion of your health back. It is truly magical! You can obtain this magical item by sending me 20$ (Plus taxes and shipping) OR by crafting it with 2 scrap metal!

Guys! Arrest this man! He is a scorpion-7 scientist!

Even though the splint has wooden components,you craft it out of 2 metal scrap

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what is this world