I started getting headaches constantly. Any advice?

Almost every week, I’ve started getting headaches for any reason. Any tips to prevent these headaches?


Might be your eyes getting tired

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Honestly, go see a doctor, it could be early symptoms for something.

It likely is nothing, (like maybe stress or not enough sleep) but why risk it? and even if its just “oh you are not having enough water” they will likely have more informed information then anyone in this block game’s forum.


leave the unturned community

serious though, I think a unturned forum is the last place you should be asking stuff like that. However I personally get headaches when I am either dehydrated or there is not enough fresh air in the room. Make sure to drink enough and let fresh air in your room regularly, especially right before or during your sleep. Maybe its you being on your computer for to long, you could try wearing those gamer glasses that block blue light or whatever they do? At the end of the day anything you do in life affects your body in one way or another and without knowing your exact lifestyle no one could ever tell, but those things above help me at least^^


Stay hydrated, this is a threat

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Thanks P9, I’ll take the advice. <9


Considering how much sleep I get and how much I am behind the computer, maybe.


this should be the #1 thing you address if you want your health to improve, that and drinking water.


@DerEnte You too?

Push down on the center of your forehead with your fingers, preferably with moderate force and cold hands. This should alleviate some of the tension in your head (been doing this for years.)

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this is going to cause me brain damage, isn’t it?

no idea. I’ve been doing water buffalo for four.

I got -1 on the right eye because I played Unturned too long. Not a serious deal (you can wear lenses and also there is a laser surgery (expensive though)).
But I got that I’m doing something wrong. There are things in my personal life I don’t want to share but they impact my health being as well (mostly talking about the mental state).

YES I really want to cry on toxic forums. YES I’m not okay. But it’s not the bottom and I’m getting better


Did you try amputating


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