I switched accounts


Ok so, I switched from one account to another. But on the first account I had the EA Beret and EA Tee.
On the second account I don’t have those two items. I want those two items on my current account, any suggestions?


Go back in time to when the game was still in early access. In all seriousness I think you are just boned. Maybe you could ask Nelson but that’s really way more work for you and him for non unique cosmetics that 90% of the playerbase have.


I doubt there’s anything that could be done to get those items into your new inventory sadly.

You may of played in EA, but your new account didn’t, so it technically doesn’t count for you.


he’s boned


Why did you switch accounts?


its Advisory whoop
ohh wait shit i didn’t look at what he was saying.

Sorry buddy, but i dont think you can get the items on your main account
unless account merging is a thing on steam

Considering my first post here was pointless, i’ll make the joke again.

why the fuck do you have an EA Beret & Shirt?

They’re a shit company in the first place