I think unturned should be on Xbox and stuff


Do you guys think that unturned should be on consoles like Xbox and PS4 and stuff so do you guys think that to


I dont want to see it on console.

Most importantly it would take away development time from the actual game, as a console port would have to be developed, which is extremely hard for one dev to do, let alone all the bugs that would come up in the console version, and that 4.0 is coming up on the horizon, and it would detract time from that too. Also there are a decent amount of keys in unturned, which would quickly fill up a controller. This would also fragment the already shrinking playerbase, as even if the playerbase increased it would feel halved because crossplay wouldnt be allowed. (If you want it to be thats an entirely different can of worms.)

In the end its just not a good idea, especially because its really easy to run on bad pcs, which are far cheaper than consoles, and because the amount of time it would take to make, its just not worth it at all.


Your idea is not a bad one, but as @pulpfreewater said, it is not as simple as it whould seem.


No console. Too hard to iregate all controls from pc to console.




…Of all things, why a Hindi website?


It was the first suggestion on Google.


I feel like having it on consoles kills the whole “Indie” game feel


But some indie games are gonna be on console. like WW3 if it is well received.


A waste of time and resources


Yes you are.


To every one that’s one here please don’t come here to complain about my idea that could be put in to unturned because it’s just a idea and it would be good if they did so here a thing if you don’t have any thing good to say then don’t say it so don’t start saying your idea sucks keep it on pc only don’t say that ok only say ideas to add to that other wise I’m going to report you because if your opinion Is a bad one don’t say it ok thanks


Oh and indie games have worked well on consoles before like meat boy and other games like that so i think having unturned could work and just saying even if there are a lot of controls just do like other devs do it’s not that hard to do well it is but over time they can do it and it would work well and it doesn’t cross play if that’s to hard you can just play with other Xbox or ps4 players only and I mean one console plays with the same players on the same console but it would be good if they first put it on consoles then tried to do crossplay with pc just Xbox would not play with ps4 just pc like fortnite does it


Just saying dude don’t start with this crap I know you said this a long time ago but if they do this in real life it doesn’t mean they have to do now they can do it at anytime and plus it’s up to them if they want crossplay dude just saying and yes it will be hard but there have been a lot of games that have one man or women doing this and they have made a console Version Of there game you know so even if it’s hard to do they can do it


And plus it’s up to them what they want to do because it’s just a idea ok so yeah


Suggestions are made to be discussed and agreed/disagreed, you can’t just tell people to not disagree just because you don’t like to hear it.

This is especially for a topic that has been brought up hundreds if not thousands of time. It has been disapproved by alot of people for the past year or so that the game shouldn’t go to consoles, which is why you see people here not agreeing with it.

Personally, I think it is ‘Okay’ to port the game if the developer has an actual team he can work with, and the game is fully developed enough for more widespread distribution. But that might happen in 3 or so years, or sometimes games should stick to the original platform they’re made in cause they don’t have to be ported (Not necessary) and it isn’t as simple as you would think.

As a side note, I would temporarily ban you for abusing the report function if you’re thinking of doing it, or just lock this thread up cause you aren’t capable of handling feedback


Why are you angry that your idea is receiving negative feedback? People have the right to say what they want politely, and people are disagreeing with you. It’s not a good idea, completely unnecessary and not needed for Unturned. Maybe in the future, but definitely not now.


For starters no one just outright said your,idea sucks until after others dropped reasoning, so I would take it as them disagreeing with you, but I agree people dismissing ideas is rude.

For starters, with 4.0 on the horizon “they” the singular developer of unturned would have to do it pretty fast before he finishes 4.0 because I think we can all agree that unturned 3.0 will die once it drops.

Also, other than mine craft no other one dev game has made it to console (correct me if im,wrong) and mine craft isn’t indie or single developer once they starter porting it. Also reporting people isn’t going to do anything because the mods aren’t inept.

SMB has a team, but it is indie. I disagree that consoles make it less indie because I think the entire indie idea is dumb because it’s just a tag to add onto games t sell them.

There are lots of keys in unturned and again would be hard for ONE person to do,while also work in on another, directly superior game. Also cross play between consoles is far different to cross play between pc and console because there isn’t the aim assist issue.

You are right though, the single developer could take hundreds if no thousands of hours porting a free game with 10000 that runs on 100 dollar chrome books to a 400 dollar console, with a bad code foundation, and while also ignoring his other direct upgrade game.


I know I dont really have much to contribute, but could you at least have made this not the world’s longest run on sentence? And also just a singular reply?