I want to make a mod for Unturned

To whom it may concern,

Hello, how are you? Let me get straight to the point:

I want to create a mod for Unturned because I want to provide an enhanced and entertaining modded gaming experience.

But my problem is, I have negative infinity IQ with programming at all.

The particular mod I want to make is an all-purpose mod.

I want to create foodstuffs, apparel, weapons, etc. Notice my images below senpai. :heart:

I’m not forcing anyone to come to my attention and help me, but if you want to help me, we can talk.

My discord: Pa-Chan#0034

Please provide me useful tips and tricks to modeling, programming, uploading, baking textures, making animation and audios, etc.

I am usually online during 6-8 PM Pacific Standard Time (PST) EXCEPT Wednesday and Friday.

If you don’t want to help me, that’s fine too, I guess…

Yours truly,


P.S: If enough people start to try to talk to me, I’ll just make a Discord server.

make a discord server and link it here

Gimme some time…

@Noobyfish Here’s the link so we the people can exercise our freedom of speech in my Discord server:

I like you re profile picture he he

damn thats a lot of bread

In your head.

Modding, especially for Unturned, is incredibly easy! You just need to learn Blender and Unity (there’s no programming involved).

Here’s a basic tutorial for blender modeling to help you out, and don’t forget that there are examples within the game files.

In terms of Unity, the examples I mentioned will help a lot.
If you need anymore help just PM me here or on Discord (Animatic#5374)


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