I was banned 4 years ago

I don’t know what is considered a legacy version of Unturned but 4 years ago on Unturned 1 I was banned which was deserved but let me give some context. I was 13 at the time and I had little reason to none of what I was doing just being a jackass. I was on a no BE or VAC server just cheating for fun like the little nerd I was and got banned for it. It devastated me because I couldn’t play in general and I thought I was being smart for not playing with BE on but I guess it didn’t matter. It was a game ban so there is a possibility to appeal it and I wanted peoples opinions if I served my time or should I be kept banned. It won’t affect me much but I’d love to have my old account and play Unturned again as a legacy game.

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Interesting. Are you sure about that though? Unless you accidentally joined a server with anti-cheat enabled then I wouldn’t think you’d get banned for it. I wouldn’t think the client would ban you just for launching the game with cheats enabled but no idea there.


What it probably was is that I launched the game with battle eye but the server didn’t have it. It’s hard to remember so far back, all I can recall is that I wanted to try cheating and flying around but I didn’t want to get banned for it so I thought the best way to do that was go onto a non-be non-vac server.

I’ve heard stories of BattlEye being a dog shit anti-cheat. It’s banned people for no reason in Rainbow Six Siege. But that is strange, getting banned by BattlEye on a non-BE server. Did you double check btw?

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BE is litterly the most effective anti cheat system I’ve seen in a game lmao. Just because they sometimes ban innocent people doesn’t mean it’s shit. Most other games have way more cheaters that aren’t getting banned.

yep, thousands were banned from rainbox 6 because of a dumb glitch the game had and they still refuse to unban those people


If it’s 4 years ago on 2016 (The year of BE’s introduction and mass cheater cleansing) then it’s unlikely you will be able to appeal in their support form. Banned for deliberate cheating regardless of what’s done is permanent and non-negotiable as stated in BattlEye’s website.

Even if it’s through an unprotected server it is most likely that it detected your cheats in some way through the client or finding trace evidence. I’ve seen cases and from people coming to me about cheating in unprotected servers or non-BE client.

Sorry but at the end the SDG forum isn’t the place to appeal either. Tough luck is all that could be said about this.


To follow-up on Yarr’s reply, if you do want to submit an appeal or ask BE questions regarding bans, you can do so from their contact form.