I wish the shotguns weren't glorified melee weapons

Could you please increase the range on the shotguns, because tbh I could just use a chainsaw at the range they are effective at man.


are you me from an alternate universe


With how poor player to player melee combat is in this game, you’re honestly not wrong.

Shotgun range should definitely be at least doubled, if not tripled for certain shotguns. Obviously, spread would make them less effective, but my bullets shouldn’t fucking vanish after 10 meters.


I think that the actual shotguns are pretty bad. They’re loud, just a little bit more range than a melee and use ammo. Sometimes it’s more easier to clear a area with a kitchen knife than using a shotgun. Nelson wrote on the trello wishlist that we maybe can slice up many enemies at once by using a katana (doesn’t need ammo, silent and with a bit smaller range than shotguns). If we get this, shotguns would be nearly useless

Agreed. With the spread and other drawbacks shotguns have, they could easily have a 200 m range (for example) and still be fair.

In other games such as Rust (and to a degree, CS:GO, EFT, and PUBG) the shotguns still have significant spread which discourages long range gunplay. However if you were to attempt using shotguns at mid-range you could still potentially graze a couple of pellets on the target, because reasonably pellets that are fired out of a gun either hit the ground eventually or hit a target (instead of absolutely vanishing into the air like confetti). It’s realistic and it’s balanced.


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