I wrote an SCP

Item #: SCP 3281-J
“Abnormally Large Zucchini” Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures
SCP 3281-J is to be kept in a steralized air tight room, made of recycled alluminum cans (preferabally Sprite Cranberry) at all times. No surveillance cameras may be pointed at SCP 3281-J. If SCP 3281-J is seen, the viewer must go through complete memory wipe or death. In case of containment breach, SCP 3281-J must be immediately “Blown the fuck up”.

All personnel may enter SCP 3281-J’s containment area, but those below level 3 clearance will be terminated or wiped of their memory. An audio recording device must be active during testing procedures, and audio must be transimitted to Dr. Zuck’s office.

Description: SCP 3281-J is chemically, physically and spiritually a zucchini, but research shows that when a viewer sees SCP 3281-J’s truly abnormal size, the experience extreme confusion. [See test log 3] Some are immune to SCP 3281-J’s anomalous effects, they are considered “Total fucking weirdos” and must be immediately issued a Level 4a Termination Order.

view Zuck Report docid: 00.696.969

Zuck Report [00.696.969]

Object was discovered in a rural house in Florida, in [REDACTED] by resident Ethan.
A report of a “Big-ass zucchini” was forwarded from the military to the foundation, and was immediately recovered.
All witnesses of SCP 3281-J were issued a Level 4a Termination Order.


The entire town of [REDACTED] was interrogated and those who answered positively to the question “Have you seen a big zucchini?” were immediately terminated.

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Why the hell did you make this

cause he wishes that was the size of his dicc

I only came here to say I have the same tap measure.




Yare yare daze

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