ID numbers or names?

Will Unturned 4.x using number or name IDs for items, vehicles, … ?

Currently we use number IDs to spawn stuff in however the server code may be using name IDs. In 4.x it’d still be better to stick to number IDs (preferably make the IDs match with 3.0 IDs of the same thing as much as possible) as they’re just more reliant and faster to type too.

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also harder to memorize, but let’s not discuss that…

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I think it would be nice if we had IDs for those who memorize them, but if we could also go the slow way and type the full name or a part of it. So you could memorize the important ones for PvP for example so Alicepack, military uniforms, guns, things like that, but for random stuff like a carrot because you want to make a funne wed mem xd for a youtube video you could just type carrot.

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We could go with the usual way, with the only disadvantage is that you need to memorize their individual numbers which you’re most likely going to need an ID list guide. It’s also hard because it’s entirely random and kinda ordered by oldest to newest. Like, what does 81 or 1176 mean? (Well yes it’s MRE and GPS respectively)

But if we go for the ‘Name’ way, the advantage is that it is (Slightly?) easier to memorize since the names relate to the item and not a jumble of numbers. It will be made shorter than the actual name for convenience, and will have prefixes for easier data management


  • eaglefire - Eaglefire
  • sighteaglefire - Eaglefire Iron Sights
  • magstanag - 5.56mm STANAG Magazine
  • drumstanag - 5.56mm STANAG Drum
  • tshirtwhite - White T-Shirt
  • hoodiedev - Nelson’s Hoodie
  • griphor - Angled Foregrip

Maybe something different but that’s what I think


The game will be made on unreal engine not unity. That means Some game mechanics like those barrels that are on HB or matamorez. Or as there is HMG, Tank cannon or new MLRS. In new Unturned It will hopefully not being even added. Also I hope that HB itself will not be. (I HATE THAT GUN CUZ IT’S OP AF :angry:.)

unturned 4.0 is probably going to work more on survival than pvp, so it will probably have measures in place to make more of a downside to pvp, take for example, you kill a player, your sanity (or something) goes down, when you get too low sanity, your player may start doing involuntary things like falling over or being unable to see zombies. I dunno. might make my own post about this

Your grammar is really throwing me off, but if you’re complaining about how inobtainable items are OP, I really wonder what kind of servers you play on…

Sry I’m slovakian. And I’m playing creative servers and sometimes survival. So I have about 500 h on sandboxes. O know wich gun is or isn’t op. (I’m using butterfly and zubeknakov)

Well there you go - that’s your problem.

You’re attempting to play Unturned as some sort of sandbox shooter game, where you can spawn in whatever you want. But this is a survival game, and the problems you just listed are completely irrelevant in that case. You can’t obtain those glitch weapons in any way in normal gameplay, you can only spawn them in with cheats which really isn’t our problem.

In addition those items are part of the coding for the proper items in the game, so removing them is a shortsighted mistake. For example the Bow Barrel is abused by many people, but it is in the game code because it is part of the bow itself. Sure, in Unturned 4.0 we may not need these anymore, but if we do, there shouldn’t be an issue either way.

It’s also worth mentioning most decent creative servers blacklist items like this.

500 hours in sandbox servers
Says Honeybadger is Overpowered

yeah because it’s so OP when found naturally in a Vanilla server isn’t it?

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Typically, most creative servers ban vehicle weapons from being spawned. don’t they? Those server owners are either incredibly lenient on creativity, or don’t realize they should probably ban them from spawning.

Either way, using creative servers as a reference point of what is overpowered doesn’t seem right, in my opinion. You’re letting everyone have what they want whenever they want it. Those servers intentionally disregard map and item balance in favor of player freedom.


Man how is a biased post relating to creative servers got to do with item IDs in the first place :thinking:


Will give a more directly on-topic reply then.

IDs aren’t bad in Unturned 3, and if they’re used in 4.x for any reason (ie: spawn tables) then they should probably still be spawn-able via ID. Just make it so that quotation marks work (if pulling from localization files, which may have a space). Allow it to pull from the ID (357), followed by the asset’s folder name (Bow_Compound), followed by its name based on localization files (Compound Bow).

If you abbreviate, it’ll pull the closest thing alphabetically from the localization file.

Since clothing color may all be handled via one asset file, a way to designate a specific color to spawn is useful too. This has been covered in other posts though.

I don’t see a user-friendly concern to using names though, if you can still use IDs.


Maybe like this:

  • tee - Random color t-shirt
  • tee_black - Black t-shirt
  • tee_blue - Blue t-shirt

For numbers maybe like this (if id is 100)

  • 100 - Random color t-shirt
  • 100_0 - Black t-shirt
  • 100_1 - Blue t-shirt

But yeah having both would be great to have


the 2 things will be nice like in the servers but in servers you cant put names with spaces like this: Maplestrike iron sights becaude it doest give nothing.
so i want somethin like this

/give 364 (i think its the maplestrike iron sight)
and /give Maplestrike-iron-sights

Using quotation marks makes more sense. Items are more likely to have a hyphen at some point than you think, ie: the Sawed-Off.

/give 364

/give “Maplestrike Iron Sights”


Man… I was in vanilla server without admins and almost everyone had it

Freezzer dosen’t and I’m playing on creative servers just because I’m training on survival. I’m not using OP shit like matamorez combined with honey. usually I’m using bow and arrow, zubeknakov, hawkhound and this weak stuff to be pro with everything. And I have 2 300h in Unturned so 500h dosen’t mean much and I have about 300 h in 2.0 so that means there is abou 1000 h played in Survival. But survival isn’t good on my heart cuz I’m soo much stressed there and my hands are shaking in the middle of firefight. That’s the only issue why I’m not playing survival now often. That’s why I’m telling ppl on cretative server to use weaker weapons and not those OP shits. Because it’s just a training.

Well again, since you’re playing on a server where everyone is essentially breaking the game, you don’t really have the right to complain.

It’s got nothing to do with Nelson.