Idea for what Unturned 4.0x character should look like

For Unturned 4.0x I think the character should be a bit more elongated and more like a human then a squashed potato (no offence) I know the models already setup for the play but its just an idea.

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Not bad, but the current character is what represents Unturned since the early days.

Nothing wrong with the visual provided, except with the fact that it’s not Unturned styled- at all. Not even for 4.0’s standards, its way too long and slender, it doesn’t look right for Unturned


Really nice. You just made a blocky version of the Red Scout in TF2 and gave him a Kriss Vector

Looks nice, but doesn’t fit to Unturned. It is, like already said, too slender for this game. We love our potato- styled character. It looks good how Nelson showed it to us some month ago: the same character, just with thinner arms and a female version, but it’s not too much changed

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