Ideas for Fire

Okay so for a long time, i have wanted to see incendiary weapons such as:
Grenade launchers w/ incendiary munitions
Incendiary grenades
that stuff

These weapons would be fun to use on a base, for instance, imagine going up to a wood base and burning it to the ground. The wood would burn, and then they would turn into charred pieces (would look similar to building in Cologne on Germany)

If it was to be added to 4.x, Nelson should balance it in certain ways:

-Buckets could be added for collecting water, which could be used on wooden structures to dampen them for a period of time, and the structure couldn’t be burned.
-Adding fire sprinklers (placed on ceilings) that would put out fires
-Fire Extinguisher, self explanitory, would have limited use though

idk maybe more

Fire could also be used to burn trees and grass (gasoline could be poured out, or the previously mentioned weapons could start fires). The plants would be cleared out, and could be used to prevent people from hiding, or could be used to clear an area for building.

idk suggest more stuff in comments

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Read the 4.x Wishlist Trello, fire-based weapons are already planned


But do we really need them in a survival game? I mean honestly if there was an apocalypse who would go out and decide to take the time to build one. Now yes it would be HELLA fun, but is it necessary?

Crowd control on zombies.

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and light cigarettes

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exactly what he said, no more commentary needed.

In a zombie apocalypse, I’d imagine flamethrowers and incendiary weaponry would probably be one of the most effective weapons against large groups of zombies.

So yes, it’s 100% viable

Fun fact: with the flamethrowers that Elon Musk sold recently, Elon Musk said (albeit jokingly) that his flamethrowers would be one of the best weapons to use in a zombie apocalypse


Huh interesting, imagine if there was a reference to that ingame xd

cough cough nelson should make skins for flamethrowers, and one would change it to look like the one Elon Made cough cough

I’d say something more subtle would be better, like just having the description read: one of the best weapons to use in a zombie apocalypse.

Bonus points for a vague Elon Musk reference in the description

Hmmm, and I wonder who owns the Boring Company…

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No, he literally founded the company.

Where did you get the idea that he bought it?

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There’s a difference between joking around and not taking 10 seconds to google an answer and in the process sounding like someone who doesn’t know what’s going on and doesn’t care for facts.


yeah what a shame

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