Ideas for improvement for the survival element of the game

Not guaranteed but i think unturned might benefit in taking a bit of inspiration from rust in terms of how items are acquired and make the finish product like guns or componates of such rarer while putting more of a focus on crafted weapons or getting the materials to reverse engineer mid teir weapons and have the option to build them with the trade off of being expensive while the high tier endgame weapons can only be found and slimier make it where some componates can also be found i feel this will really heighten the value of guns and make it where someone dosent have to rely entirely on RNG to get a gun that actually decent and might even develop a economy based on these craftable items

Put some periods and comma please


At first I was genuinely interested in this suggestion but due to the poor formatting I immediately overlooked it.

Seriously, if you want anyone to read your ideas take the time to do it right.

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I second this. Rust has a decent way of handling loot, and I recognized immediately that I’d probably like the concept for the most part, but I skipped over it because the text looked off-putting.

Which is a poor reaction to have, admittedly, but still. :man_shrugging:

tl;dr of my original text: I don’t think the games are similar enough for this, and I don’t think this would fit the feel of Unturned. I wouldn’t mind a better “makeshift-tier” though, or trying to mimic the loot progression system itself rather than just how weapon tiers work.

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