Ideas for new update for servers

Hello SDG dev,
I want to ask and propose some ideas for Vanilla servers…

You could add some new things for servers like


  • Announcer messages

  • Kill/death messages

  • Restart time announce for players like in minutes and as well commands for restart server not only for quiting

  • Some stats for killing

  • Prefixes or color name in chat for MVP on server (most killed players)

  • URLs commands for websites, discord etc.

  • Report players system

  • Allow kick/mute players (this buttons doesnt work)

In config add more commands to upgrade game like

  • Auto unlock time after inactivity

  • add as well mega zombie spawn chance

Admin commands

  • Mute command

  • Only slay command

  • Noclip for admins

  • Some command blow up cars for clean map

And for example avoid airdrop places for build on official maps, block building doors into places, where are drop areas etc. :slight_smile:

I hope somebody read it and add to update something from this :slight_smile:

Why I write this is reason because I dont want to have rocket mod on server and players play more on vanilla servers

all of the commands can be done with plugins

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I know you can use rocket mod… But I do not want to lose players due to rocket :confused:

This should not be in the SDG Forum category. Is this meant for Unturned, or for Unturned II?


moved to u3 discussion, i imagine that’s what it’s for


Is there a rocket killing players?

Or does the rocket prevent players from joining?

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