Ideas For Police Related Items and Vehicles



nothing is confirmed to, you can’t assume ‘‘Hurr america will be in shut up’’ when nelson himself haven’t confirmed it, the next map for II could be set in uganda and we wouldn’t know


We KNOW that there will be multiple maps.

The reason we know is because of a few of nelsons post on here.



like this sexy machine?



Damn, 80’s Miami map would be awesome.


pile of shit

this is what i’m talkin bout

look at this sexy beast





Because we all know this is the best police car


No, this is the best police car


the game is set in modern times tho (As you can see from the beta car model and the houses)


Yea they know
Just joking around


I replied to the boxy interceptor guy, not you lad


Boxy cars were response to 99lockerock’s “sexy machine” pic.
Also i said, just said, that “80’s Miami map would be awesome”, but i didnt said it must be an official map.
There are mods created by modders for a reason. They can make 80’s map, vehicles and weapons (and zombies) if they want to. They can even make medieval, ancient or even total fckin fantasy/sci-fi map and gear if they want.
So no need to be that aggressive, “lad”.


what the fuck has this thread become


woah there chill with thr salt lad


oh damn thats a nice ass car. how many gp? (goat power)


all the goats


that would be dank


oh shit. thats one hot machine


ITT: Impractical/Shitty/Old police vehicles.


i don’t think police interceptors should be a thing, in all seriousness. i don’t think real fast cars (dodge chargers or whatever) should be in the game, i think a police sedan, suv/offroad vehicle, and a hatchback or small police van should be implemented.