Ideas For Police Related Items and Vehicles

As you may know, the current police items and vehicles in U3 are kind of lacklustre. The cars are boring and slow, there’s like 4 pieces of clothing and they’re all pretty bad. Unturned II should do this right.

Now, let’s start from the top, police clothing.

Police Clothing

Police clothing in Unturned II should be modular and useful. It should fall in a mid-tier, between civilian and military in terms of usefulness. For example:

  • A police belt that is capable of holding holsters for your guns, some certain items such as handcuffs and radios. While you should be able to mount many of these things to a belt already, getting one from a police station has the chance of some things coming preattached.
Some random police belt I found on google images

  • A police shirt. Nothing really noteworthy, but it could be nice for RP to be able to put different rank insignia on, or the tops already having a random rank attached. It’d also be nice to see badges return on these shirts as they were absent in U3, and the new 3D clothing could make these looks alright.

  • A police vest with decent stopping power, maybe able to stop a 9mm bullet but it shouldn’t be too good. The vest could have velcro mounts and therefore be able to put a holster for a small item such as a taser or more clips for your weapon, and maybe a preattached radio could come with it.

Something like this maybe?


  • A reflective traffic jacket could be an item that spawns too that may be able to provide basic warmth.
Police Vehicles

Police vehicles were terrible in U3 and we can’t have the same mistake be made again. Multiple variants of police vehicles and a better siren system should be in UII. Here are some ideas:

  • A police cruiser, following the shape and looks of either a Ford Crown Victoria, or a more modern Ford Taurus or Chevrolet Impala/Caprice. It would act as a beefed-up sedan, with more performance but not being on par with the better vehicles available.

  • A police interceptor would fill in the role of a fast police car, which has good performance albeit with it being harder to find and not very efficient petrol consumption. A possible car it could be based on is the Dodge Charger.

  • A police SUV would be common in more rural areas with rougher terrain but isn’t strictly limited to that area. The performance wouldn’t be bad, but its size would be a factor that makes it not the best for any racing. It would, however, outperform the other vehicles in off-road capabilities. The car could be based on pretty much any SUV.

  • A police bike would be a good performing bike that can manoeuvre well in between hazards such as wrecks and have a decent speed and acceleration. It would be less common than its 4 wheeled counterparts, and not very protective but the performance would be a good tradeoff.

As I’ve stated in a different thread, the ability for mapmakers to make their own skins would allow for customisation without having to model an entirely different vehicle. Skins could be basic, such as changing the logo or wording on the side to that of the region or language the map is set in, or different graphics on the vehicle.

Another thing U3 did wrong with police vehicles is the siren. It goes up and down too slow, and the waves aren’t long enough. Going with the theme of customisation, map makers could put in their own siren sound if they wish to (for maps in regions where sirens sound different such as Europe). Another feature that should happen is for the sirens and lights to be independant of each other, for reasons such as RP if you respond with lights only.

Sorry if this post is poorly written, I’m honestly not the best writer tbh. If you write these off as being just for RP, you’re sort of true, I did make some of these (well, maybe more than that) fit more for RP than survival, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t totally useless. I kept survival as the main factor for most of these suggestions, such as the police belt being really good for utility and could be a really useful item, or the different cars each serving a different purpose while all being useful in different situations.


This is good.
But mainly what i want is the ability to change the flags on shirts and writing on cars.
Change the numbers to call, the district.

But there should decently be more police variants, swat aswell.
As for military, special forces gear variants, underwater gear and prehaps even a wingsuit.


No picture for police shirts. SMH

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I mean it’s just a shirt with a tie and maybe a badge, not really anything else noteworthy, besides ranks on the side.

these are only American police cars that you mentioned. Police clothes, items and vehicles should change depending on the location of maps. you won’t see crown victorias or Chevrolet Caprices anywhere else…

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I’m not saying they have to be a 1:1 recreation of the vehicle. The general shape of the average sedan would probably suffice in this. As for the police interceptor, I couldn’t really think of any similar vehicles that fit the role of a performance orientated car made for police. The reason why I went with American cars as the basis of the models which may eventually make their way in is that a majority of the maps probably would be in this region (look at the Steam workshop). One that I probably should of covered is a police hatchback which would be more common in European maps.

One of the main ideas I had is with these generalised models, is that map makers could add a skin to it, which could match up to the map’s area. The police clothes, in Western countries, look pretty similar. The sort of thing I suggested for the vehicles could very well be done with clothes (and it’s already in the game afaik with the different patterns Nelson was talking about).

true. police vans should also be a thing, they are common in central/western european countries. Police SUVs are not too common there, though.

I think it could be like, you could add a different texture that you’ve modified and put it on the car, but it’s for that map alone, and you could select what texture goes on the car from where you’d place the vehicle spawn.

imagine unironically driving a police van instead of a glorious suv

Good idea, also

was already stated in my post.

found the american

police vans/minivans would have benefits- lots of cargo space, can carry like 10 people too.

u fucking what?

western spy

says the european living in australia


the game is set in canada tho, not america, it was confirmed in one of his devblogs

if that wasn’t obvious enough in 3.0 and 4.0

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A police vest shouldn’t be able to completely negate damage from small-arms fire.
In real scenarios, the force from the bullet would pass through the vest and have quite an impact. Broken ribs wouldn’t be out of the question.

Maybe just reduced damage based on the vest’s durability?

He said a single map is based in canadia. Not the entire game.

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yes, he didn’t, and that means he didn’t confirm any other maps

the rest of the maps could be set in zimbabwe and we wouldn’t know, a map set in imperial instead of metric country wasn’t even confirmed or mentioned once

He said the TEST map, which is pineridge.

Pineridge is basically 4.0s alpha valley. (yes, the arena map was the first map in the game originally. But it wasn’t an arena map then ofc)

Look dude, we love you and everything, but you really either aren’t observant, or don’t know enough about 4.0.

Not meant as an insult, but yeah.

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