Ideas for the compass

I think the idea of adding compas is cool but,it s a little useless .Is cool that you can better indicate a point but you cant anything more.If Nelson would add to can put on the maps a wavepoint and show it to your compass that would be easir to go to a place whitout lookin at the map to much.The compass could also show the group members, ant the bed location.This are just my ideas .

                                                P.S Im probably just a noob whit 200 hours.

A compass is a compass, it shouldn’t be anything more, or anything less.

Maybe he can add a crafting recipe for an advanced compass that shows a bit more, but it isn’t needed.


I think moving the group member names to group member avatars above the Compass could be interesting, but aside from that…

I think the Compass is fine. You can already do a lot with it when it comes to driving, and when it comes to PvP combat with active communication. It also works as an extremely low-tier Chart/GPS if you don’t have a good sense of the map yet and don’t have an actual in-game map to show you all the locations. I’m sure a couple workshop maps might make full use of that idea, too, and just make the Chart/GPS end-game gear.

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If you think it’s useless, then you aren’t the one it’s there for.