Ideas for the Vehicle Framework

Beforehand I´d like to mention that a post similar to this has likely been made already but I´d like to go a bit more extensive with how I imagine vehicles in Unturned II.

A concept for the Unturned II Vehicle Framework

In this post I´ll talk about what I hope the Unturned II vehicle framework could look like or atleast give some individual ideas for the later framework.

Vehicular protection and degration:

Something I really hope is that Unturned II will support detachable trunk,doors and hood from cars which can be replaced. (I´ll refer to these as body panels to keep it short) All these would again have a durability and depending on the vehicle type be destroyed more easily/harder. The more durability they lose, the easier they are to shoot through. This means that an armored Humvee would be immune to low calibers but higher calibers will take durability off of the body panels of the car until they break and can be penetrated easily. While the doors protect the passengers from being shot, the hood would protect the engine parts (I´ll get to that later) from being destroyed. If heavily damaged, the doors,hood and trunk can all be repaired with a blowtorch or if available replaced with replacement parts the player can find on other vehicles. Having such system would allow modders to add crafting recipes for makeshift body panels aswell. Players could take the door and craft it together with some materials to make even civilian cars have some protection against calibers or they could possibly armor a Humvee even further to be the ultimate survival vehicle. [The picture about the Humvee further below displays my general idea for cars body panels more grapically]

About car engines and parts:

Another thing I´d love to see in Unturned is some basic engine parts. Games like Miscreated, Mist-Survival and DayZ Standalone already touch onto these with simple parts like Sparkplugs, Batteries, Refillable Radiators and Alternator belts so I´d love to see some in Unturned II aswell. It would make for some interesting scenarios considering that if a vehicle is easily penetrated, the bullet can hit any of these componements and cause various effects depending on what´s exactly hit. Additionally, just normal driving will very slowly wear down these parts and if these parts take too much damage either through wear and tear or by taking fire, the car will start to have issues. A worn down sparkplug can lead to the car stalling, making the player turn the car on again (With the current ignition “V” key), a low quality radiator will start leaking it´s water which if too empty will slowly damage the car and a damaged battery will slowly deplete over time. Possibly even light-bulbs to attach to the headlights to make them actually work. Can lead to vehicles driving around with either a missing or broken headlight making it look a lot more apocalyptic rather than the current Unturned 3.0 vehicles which always have working lights.

Additionally to engine parts I would really like to see slots for items on vehicles to be possible. This would give modders the ability to add spare wheel slots, jerry can slots and all sorts of slots for any item like a shovel on a tank and so on.

Advanced vehicle-mounted weapon system:

It would be also neat if Unturned II would once again support vehicles with mounted guns which I gathered a lot of ideas for. So the mounted gun wouldn´t be permanently attached to the car and rather be an item you find around the world. Lets take the M2 HMG from your classic Humvee. You´d be able to find the body of the weapon, the ammo box and additionally the barrel around the world, likely
in airdrops or high-tier military bases. It would use the current weapon system that supports attaching barrels to allow for the barrel to attach. Once the HMG would be built with barrel and ammo box, you can mount it on the weapon mount of the Humvee. To not make all this too OP, the barrel
of the M2 could start losing durability and after long use the HMG becomes unusable until the barrel is replaced. These vehicles and mounted guns would be rare and would bring player-made bosses into the game. Players would be able to patrol towns with Humvees, making everyone rush
into nearby homes to find shelter. The other survivors will have to find a way to cleverly take out the Humvee by working together or building traps. Even AT (Anti-Tank) Launchers could be added into the game to deal with such heavily armored/weaponized vehicles.

But why all of this … ?:

I´d say all this I think would be neat to create a very The Walking Dead/The Last of Us-ish enviornment where even civilian cars are a rarity and military vehicles are extremely hard to aquire and maintain but once you have them, you truly have quite the firepower. Not the best example but for example in The Walking Dead there was that one tank raiding the prison. Raids and battles like these will be a lot more scary when suddenly your teammate loudly shouts something about a weaponized Humvee approaching.

Let me know what you think and maybe we can also discuss some ideas here!


Personally I like the idea of modular cars, but I think that having the chance to damage the spark plug and things like that, might be a bit much.
Personally I think I would prefer a slightly simpler module system, as World of Tanks does, but in a different way, focused on a survival game, for example: An engine, different from the wot, which can be broken, damaged or ok, in Unturned it should have a durability that measured by the health of the specific module (civilian engines tend to be less healthy than military ones), with that the efficiency of the module would drop with its health.


Fair, maybe individual damage and stuff could be too much. But I would really like to see something that doesn´t make cars as easy as popping a new battery in and driving off.

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This looks great and this entire concept is 100% a thing I would LOVE to see.

BUT - A few things - A blowtorch shouldn’t be able to repair any such part, maybe you have to make or find an ENGINE HOIST to repair parts of the engine with metal scraps+blowtorch, other things on the car would be repaired with the blowtorch.

Also would love to see a CARJACK type concept so if you see a car on the side of the road that doesn’t work, you’d need to use a carjack and put/fix the appropriate parts, but they have to be low tier. Also if it’s just a carjack I feel like you should only be able to repair it to a certain extent, so that the carjack is like a portable little station to work on your vehicle. To equip high tier parts on a vehicle, you’d have to 1. put low tier parts so you can move the car, 2. bring said car to a CAR LIFT where you can drive the vehicle onto the lift, turn on/power said lift, then proceed to put better parts and/or repair the car all the way. I don’t want this game to be simplistic where you just hold a battery and plop it onto a car and then bam we have vroom vroom car.

Forgot to mention it and don’t really know where to put it but I feel like the carjack should be able to repair the body to a certain extend and the engine parts you should just be able to attach/detach. The actual like doors/hood/roof or whatever would not be adjustable with just the carjack, it should require the whole lift.

For stuff like a bigass truck or humvee or whatever, I feel it shouldn’t just be a normal car lift, it should be sort of an industrial car lift, where it can hold much bigger vehicles.

I have more to say but I’m lazy and don’t want to type but good shit.


What do you mean by low tier parts.

I think the problem with adding mechanics like that in the game is that it makes it disproportionately complex.
- Like this? - you ask me.
Like, Unturned II is a survival game, so adding something specific and complex (like car repair) would be something that would distance you from other game mechanics that are not so complex.

I´m not sure if it would distance you from other game mechanics really. It works in other games and the whole gist behind it is “If you want a car (which is optional since Unturned isn´t based around Cars), you´ll have to work for it”. Most games however like to be fast-paced and make everything easy. It sometimes can be a gap as big as (These games of course don´t have car building but I´m just giving an example): Escape from Tarkov to Call of Duty. While EFT keeps realistic and still seems fun to most, COD focuses on making everything easily accessible and most things will have a fast pace (Which has it´s own different fun). I don´t want Unturned to be turn into Escape from Tarkov but I also don´t want it to be as casual of a game as Call of Duty. If you´re gonna choose to play a survival game then I feel like players should expect certain challenges within the world. And I think car building is certainly one of them. And it doesn´t seem too complex. Of course you shouldn´t need to build the entire engine, the suspension and refill every single fluid a car needs only to find out you need to find a million other parts aswell. But I really don´t want it to be too easy. I know what happens when game developers neglect the PVE side: The PVP side takes over and overshadows all of the PVE things. This is why Nelson needs to make the PVE challenges (such as building cars and so on) harder to make players work together or focus on other things. Just because Unturned II has a simple graphic style doesn´t mean it has to be designed childish enough for your average 7 year old COD player to play (<-Yet many seem to think this) who has no motivation at all to do actual Survival and instead goes on a murderspree in the main town. I think the simple graphic style actually allows for a lot of “complex” things to happen. Everything is easily understood and simply visualised in the game (and even peformance is saved due to the simple graphics) so I´d say more advanced features are only welcome. These kinds of unique features is what makes a game feel new and refreshing. Why do we always need to stick to the same fps game mechanics and produce the same games with a different graphical style slapped on top ? I feel like more advanced and unique Unturned II features shouldn´t be halted because “No, that´s way too complex” and rather be encouraged.

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With escape from the tarkov argument about “realistic” isn’t the best and have random bullshit.I could explain why but well maybe you would like to argue and i know is not meaningful to comment you write but am sceptic about EFT.
(I read your comment well and i think other think you saying is correct in mine opinion).

Okay, I understand your point and I have to agree. The problem is not, in fact, the most complex mechanics, after all I love it, since food based on different types of foods (proteins, fats and etc.) that will define how your hunger will decay based on caloric expenditure, even modular vehicles (with removable doors and motors).
The problem here is that I misinterpreted your idea, thinking that what you wanted was a mechanic simulator, so I’m sorry.

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I´ve never even played the game :sweat_smile: Yes I know, maybe EFT isn´t the best example. But what other examples are there really ? I feel like there isn´t anything that comes closer to realism. Maybe stuff like Squad,Arma 3 etc. could be a better example ? I don´t really know. I usually use DayZ as my “this is realism” example but usually people tend to put hate on that game so I switched it up

Oh well i didn’t know i thought you wasted money on that game.
Well i can say some mechanics that sounds funny like laser decrease spread on your weapon or shotguns that in most cases doesn’t kill person in 5m lenght in front of you (even they don’t posses any armor on them) and other things that are frustaiting either unrealistic.
I don’t recomend it because fails at realism also playing this isn’t pleasant even might give PTSD.
(DONT BUY IT also if someone saying game is good or realistic be always sceptical about what people say.Just not be paranoic of everything).

No one has posted in a while, just want to know what’s up

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