Ideas for tree cutting

Isn’t a bit weird that when you cut a tree,it falls,and you can go through it and nothing happends? it just falls and automatically divides into logs and sticks.

unturned II has been said that it will be more about survival and more realism,My ideas are:

1-When the tree is on the ground,it will be an obstacle,and also can be used as cover from shoots

2-When a tree falls,if the player is below,the player will be crushed

3-When the tree is on the ground,in order to get logs,the player must cut each one .And for the sticks,may drop when cutting the logs? idk,i didn’t think about the sticks xD

4-Visible cutting damage on the tree

Well,those are my ideas for realism in the trees.Hope somebody likes my ideas :grin:


While these are all great ideas for realism, I think they’d just come off as more of a chore than anything.



I’d prefer we stick to the usual item dropping mechanic.

Surely there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be visible chop damage, just a nice aesthetic

The crushing part sounds alright. Sounds more of an improvised death trap against non-player characters


number 3 sounds like shit, but the rest sound fun. i’d love to take cover behind a fallen tree that has a stupid dead player under it.


oh well,i was just exposing my ideas,and well,i forgot that detail of the realism,but this is something that just came to my head and I said “well, let’s make a post about my ideas to see if anyone likes” but yeah its all ok,we better keep this simplicity :blush:

hahaha xD,but just like y said something that came to my head thinking about too much realism

Hit actually sounds good! It’s a nice touch to be able to do stuff like this. Personally, I agree with this. And let’s all be honest here. Since when is chopping down a tree with around 5 swings realistic? This idea just sorta makes the game more interesting.

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Also, number 3 is required for number 1. Otherwise you can’t get the wood :stuck_out_tongue:

If this is gonna be done, then sticks should be used for fire wood and traps, thin long branches should be used as the shaft of a spear. Then those long thin branches will be cut into a knife handle thing. Then small logs can be used for the sides of doorways. And long logs can be used for walls. And trunks will be for what even nelson wants.

There’s some flaws with this, but the overall idea sounds great.
I’m a huge fan of point 1. I think it would add another layer of coolness to battles/defenses. It seems like a great idea to be able to quickly chop down some cover. And seeing as the tree isn’t exactly a wall (You can barely prone and be hidden), it wouldn’t be too OP.
For point 2, i also enjoy this idea somewhat, although it does raise some questions. How would this be implemented? Would tree size/type matter? (i.e. oak trees weigh more than birch).
I also don’t think it should be a 1hitKO, but rather measure it with some skill (like Toughness).

Point 3: No. I think that’ll just make tree-chopping even more of a chore than it already is. Maybe, the saw cuts down the tree so it falls, while an axe does the normal thing? (And if you don’t have an Axe, then you can chop the fallen tree up with a saw.)

Point 4. Yea, but that would be very hard to program. Plus, it’s Unturned. So, realism for the sake of realism isn’t always a good idea :confused:

I like the idea of having to cut the fallen tree for logs instead of the current insta log drop. If it’s done this way, then trees should have more hp and chopping a fallen tree should give more resources, would be a lot more immersive for sure.

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The game YLands uses this mechanic:

  • Fell tree will drop tree obstacle.
  • Chop/saw tree obstacle to drop logs and sticks, also seeds.
  • Tree won’t respawn, stump can be destroyed permanently.
  • plant tree seed to grow new tree of that type.
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I don’t like the no respawn thing. What if instead it has a regrowth time, where trees grow back in several days? Ofc they would have a growing process, first it’s gona be a small plant, then each day it grows bigger and bigger till it’s final form.

terraria doesnt have a regrow process, you have to manually replant them -_-

Fixed it : D

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i go remember other thing (THE TREE SPAWN EVERYTIME IN THE SAME PLACE!!!)
This need a change

Some trees are placed intentionally in specific spots for map making purposes, Having them respawn elsewhere would undermine the point of being able to individually place trees when making a map.


Trees do this in YLands (not to keep hyping another game)… 3-4 stages of growth from planted seed to fully grown. If you cut it down early you get less, or no resources. It’s actually quite a decent mechanic. The wait to grow and the penalty for being impatient is reasonable. No instantaneous fully grown trees.

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You said you didn’t think about the sticks. Well there should be x amount stoped based on what ever branches got smashed under the log. Then you get some everyone you chop a lot that goes past a branch.

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