If 3D muzzle flashes are going to be a thing... crops too?

If you want to make foliage and grassy flora stay as decals, then fine… but crops 3D-modeled please? D:

I am completely biased and have no legitimate reasoning behind this, and doing this could hurt frames more than just decal-based 2D planes on sticks would, but ahhh! It’d probably look nice with other graphics-based overhauls, too, I’d assume.

Rating of 3D crops? }=^3

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Any other things that should be 3D in Unturned 4.x? :thinking:

3D faces, especially that creepy “I’ve got you” now face. That is a necessity.


3d faces?

w h y ?

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I’d be fine with that personally. Also can we have different movement speeds on different objects?

So running through crops would be slower then running on a road.


That would be pretty cool.

In addition the player in Unturned is ridiculously fast even with stock Exercise, at max you’re basically Usain Bolt’s Olympic sprint at all times


Right. I expanded on the idea of that on my (totally not self promo) “What would you want to see out of 4.0?” thread.

Should’ve added an “/s” right there :stuck_out_tongue:


You should link it…

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oof. Got me. Fair point though.

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