If I want to post a ban appeal, where do I go?

I’ve recently gotten a post deleted for moderation attention. Can anyone link me to where I can appeal a multiplayer ban?

Not Here


Battle eye

The servers Discord/website/forum/steam group if they have one. all the servers for unturned 3.0 are hosted by third parties so its up to them.

I’m not sure if you are referring to a ban in one particular server, or if you are referring to a BattlEye ban which is effective on all secure servers.

If you have received a BattlEye ban, you can appeal via their support system.

If you received a ban from a particular server by their admins, that is something you’d need to contact them for, usually through their community mediums if they have any. Otherwise it’s mostly out of your control, as these are literally just other players with administrative powers that have banned you.

(Also, I respect that you have properly tried to ask where to go instead of outright begging on the SDG/Steam forums like most offending people do. This matter is out of the power of anyone on official forums.)


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here or another forum
if its here then ask yarrr/molt
if its not here then why did you come here

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