If Unturned 4.0 takes place in the future

If it takes place in the future, can we have the maps have high amounts of overgrown. Also the maps should have broken down cars that look like they are from Madmax.(Just spikes and barbed wire.) the maps should look something like these workshop maps: Washington 30 YearsLater and Never Been Forever

I wouldn’t mind the maps looking like they didn’t just take place, but Nelson’s reasoning for not doing that is probably to not fry people’s computers.

One problem with Unturned is that the feel is all bright and nothing has gone wrong in places. I’m saying that it lacks the dull, gloomy lighting which 1.0/2.0 has, and the lack of post-apocalyptic scenery (e.g. Overgrowth, civilian-related disasters before the apocalypse like traffic jams)


I want full-sized Russia map (including Overgrown 3++)

Perhaps an option for it to feel gloomily and spooky to make it feel as if it’s a different map and appeal to both parties.

Nobody would use the gloomy though, since it’d put you at an insane disadvantage in Multiplayer.

Important game features should not be optional. I don’t think the game shouldn’t be entirely made of optional settings. You don’t have a game at that point.

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fun fact: nelson made a curated guide, he tell us to “keep things lightly apocaliptic” basically:

  • No overgrown stuff

  • No fallen over buildings

  • Similiar stuff

That’s for 3.x, though. We don’t know the aesthetic of 4.x yet.

Twas thinking of just like nelson releasing the same map but with different textures/styles.
Yea but then you have a platform with whatever shizz you want.

We shall protect the potato PC’s UNLESS we need food after we run out of lettuce In 4.0 (aka the most common and useful food in the entire 3.x MRE doesnt count cause its rare) so we must fry and eat em

honestly just toneing downs the pallettes saturation and adding a few more borded up buildings goes a long damn way

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