If you hear thunder in blizzards?

This is a question I have been asking for a long time and in my country it is impossible to find out.

Is possible hear thunder or see thunderbolts in blizzards?

You know, I’ve lived in the North my entire life and I can confidently say I have never thought of, nor seen that.
So… no?

doing a quick google search yields easy to find results


well that’s weird.

I also wondered, supposedly happens, but looking in some sources said it could not happen, others say they happen.

Check this video out. Interesting because I have never seen this happen before, but I live in a very snowy place.

This explains why in some places they say it is impossible. It’s a rare event, how interesting.
It’s funny that snow for some is just another day-to-day thing, while I’m almost mesmerized watching these snowfall or even normal storm videos.
Oh, how good the world is!

Definitely not mesmerising when your face hurts, your hair freezes and your car won’t start but it sure is pretty


It must be better than melting while being attacked by tons of mosquitoes

But it seems a little scary to me.

It’s kind of like tons of little pins pricking into your face, yeah the cold sucks but you get used to sub-zero temperatures

I would love to see that. Like the lightvreflecting off of the snow would be epic.

How strange, I never thought of that, it sounds bad.

Ah, but too much heat is also bad. Here in the Northeast, more precisely in the backlands (not where I live), sometimes even cacti die from drought.
Add heat with drought, and you get one of the worst things in the world.

it must be rare then

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