Im about to spend some time to get into modding, anything i should know?

im gonna spend a bit of time in the next few days getting into most of modding.
so im gonna try custom map making, melee/gun making and a few ideas i have for clothing.

i have done custom clothing a little bit, i made custom private shirt and pants and uploaded it as a test so i know how workshop uploading and texture stuff works, but im wondering if theres anything i should keep in mind while modding for unturned. any specific sites/tools i should know about while i do this?


Are you already aware of the official docs located at the U3-Docs Github repo? At this time, it does not include in-Unity setup information (although this is something that I’d like to do). However, it does include other useful information, especially for map-making (e.g., custom weather).

For items specifically, I’m in the progress of updating all the item asset documentation.

Aside from the U3-Docs repo, you should check out some of Nelson’s older modding Steam Guides. Although eventually, ideally, the repo will cover all of that information and more.

alright, sounds good

Since it’s your first time posting, let me give you a warm welcome to our forum. Yay new friens


Hello Diddlyono😀

Okay der ente

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