I'm back to Unturned

So yes as you can see by this title I’m back to the Unturned community, a while ago I’ve left it because I was really disappointed with unturned 3.0 state, I’m sorry Nelson, unturned is a game made by only one person, of course, it will have lots of issues, is this possible for me to return to this community?

I really want Unturned II to become a much better game than the Unturned 3.0, you gained a lot of experience creating your previous game (Unturned 3.0) I hope you’ll implement all your knowledge to your future projects (Unturned II and probably other games).


I don’t think anyone will stop you from coming back.


I said that because there was a lot of hate when I left this community, however, I’m back and ready to be the part of the Unturned community again.

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Just as nothing stopped you from leaving, nothing is stopping you from coming back.

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ok :small_blue_diamond:

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Nice to have you back bro.

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who are you again

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Your presence as a user/visitor is your own business. You don’t have to tell others of your activity status


but he did tho

Welcome back!

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You know you didn’t have to go public about it :P