I'm lagging behind

Hello people, I have a peculiar problem. whenever I join a server, movement and shooting actions seem to lag behind a good 10 seconds. but the thing is. i see people move and shoot perfectly fine, ingame chat Works without lag and perfectly, i tested this with a random on a server i had around 50 ping, and i movewd on my screen, i was at the tree, but for him i would move or shoot for 10 seconds, after which it shows him what i had done, of course all this time zombies and people can kill me, i have tried reinstalling unturned and restarting the router, this happened a good week ago, when the electricty was cut, becouse a fuse got fried, and the whole house lost power, my internet brosing and other games work like they did before and without lag, I wasn’t playing unturned when the power went out.
any ideas that might help?

it could be the server your playing or it’s something about your network. maybe you should try to plug out the router for a minute and plug it back in, and then wait a couple of minutes.

if the problem is still there then idk what it is, maybe you should contact a professional for help

I sent an email to the SDG support, and its not the server, i tried it on other ones and its the same, i could try to unplug the router, but rn i’M not at home, i’ll try that though

Your router might have been fried. IDK

Is this observed on all servers?
Tried to test this problem with a friend in local mode?

haven’t tried testing local, but it is all servers

well its only unturned, so i doubt that
if it would have been, all my internet ,like browsing or other games would be bad as well, and ingame chat is fine as well, and so is my discord, i think its a problem with unturneds server connections

it would be good to conduct such tests
to make a complete picture

well i don’t really have any chances to even play on a local Network, if that is what you are telling me to do

have you checked the ping

it was 50, its not a shitty internet problem

What is your computer specs?

its not the worst ever, my graphics card is an AMD RADEON R7 200, my ram is DDR2 and i have 6gb of ram, and i have an intel quad core, i don’t remember it right now,I am at school, and my mother board is GAEP-DSL3 . so far these have been trusty,and once again, other games run perfectly fine,its only unturned that has this problem as far as i could tell

ya know i’m not a computer magician but i am certain it has something to do with your specs

if possible please send me some benchmark data for a run through seattle.
(just use fraps and sprint down the middle)

Sorry for a late reply, I had to do something, do you want me to do it offline or online?
Also, My processor is an Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q6600 at 2.40GHz

both preferably

I’M doing the online one right now. I don’t see how my specs or this benchmark could help out in solving anything

also I just noticed something, it won’t set in immidietly, like i started shooting the ground, and the more i was on the more it was lagging behind, chat still good, like, I’M 10 seconds in to the server and its lagging behind 10 seconds, the shots, i mean

and i just got mauled to death by zombies, from 20 meters, while i was shooting at them, I was also being placed back there, where i was and now i’m rubberbanding to the same place is was 10 seconds ago, trying to run away,
can you guys see the problem? I really doubt its a hardware problem
also, broken legs lag behind as well, and i think i just witnessed a zombie chase my spirit that was 10 seconds behind me
i also got mauled by it
of course , it shows this to me real time, so i see myself get hit, where i was 10 seconds ago, by a zombie that i see mauling me
SO other thing i discovered, if i shoot someone in this state, it will register 10 seconds later, so i can shoot someone, and later it will kill them, after of course, on my screen i am on the other side of the map