I'm looking for map creator

I need a good map creator, payment 10 dollars only offer, for roleplay


I’ll take it; can you send me examples of what you want me to make?

I ask for a medium map that contains everything necessary for a roleplay, 2 cities, a police station, parking lot, hospital, gas station, etc.


How will you pay the 10$?

I do it

<10 char>

payment via paypal

I do it 9 dollar

I do it, 1 dinar. Take it or leave


ok the one who is interested

can. I stil ldo it for 1 dinar ? need money to pay rent, old tent was destroy in Palestinian scud missile attack last week

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pls for 50 cent pls I am poor man because uncle left wife two week ago and i am having my home repossessed pls


It must really suck to be someone when the forum decides to start taunting them.

What, No, this isnt related to anything here at all.

Good day, sir. I am interested in bequeathing thou with the utmost of amazing Unturned maps! But you must pay me in Seven pounds and sixty-four cents. RSVP to get your great map!

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can you pay me with swiss banknotes delivered to my house in a briefcase


Do it yourself, it will only cost you 5$

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