I'm looking for reddit gold, how do I get it?

Hello, I have summoned the forum dwellers in a conquest too find the elusive reddit gold.
They say that this gold fills the void in your heart, or can severely boost your ego.
Some even say it earns you the right too fuck someones wife. It rhymes so hey, can’t be that far-fetched right?
Here is what it looks like:

People have asked, and they were just given it, but after begging and begging, these people actually thought I wasn’t entitled to such treasures, it was pathetic. They dared call me a “Karmawhore” despite not being interested in the karma.

I’m interested in this reward because it will allow me to infiltrate r/lounge, then i’ll be able to get information on hongkong and liberate it’s people. Once I find this artifact I am going to get into contact with Keanu Reeves himself, and then we’ll enter a study session of necromancy. We will then use our new found knowledge to resurrect Harambe and Stan lee, as well as Steve from minecraft so he can craft us armor.
All the pieces will be set then, from my mother’s basement, we will make this happen, then we can sign off with “We did it reddit!”

I will not dulge in classified information to state what this plan entails, but to finish off this thread, I restate my question.

How do you get reddit gold? Do I need to be a moderator?

Also to counteract this shitty shitpost here’s a funny mem


You have to go back


Who would ever want such a despicable fridge magnet by someone who can’t even color within the lines?

image I’m just shaking my head in furious agony.


being an old-reddit sperg and longtime quitter

i suggest acquiring as much karma as the highest karma bidder on reddit
than people will recognize you and give you more than just one karma award


Google apparently, or maybe the anti-redditors too distract us while we plan to liberate hung kung, maybe it was warcorp himself

There’s a lot of pro-China shills on /pol/ that we were all calling out. But it’s /pol/tards we’re talking about and /pol/tards will be /pol/tards.


warcorp just curious is there a shitposting chat on 4chan

Oh, I was afraid that would be the case, unfortunately fortune-chan is an enemy.
We must deal with her swiftly before she releases all of her strength on us

Now, what do you know fellow 4channer? You’ve been busted, now you will be captured and interrogated.

You can shitpost in any thread, just make sure the jannies don’t catch you doing it.

@Syero You can’t stop 4chan. Remember what happened with the Tumblr-4chan wars.

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i guess that makes sense

Oh yeah I posted a copypasta to /pol/ one time for shits n giggles and it got archived instantly, do the anti-reddit reddit mods guard the 4channies?

Also what wars? Tumblr is a weak ally anyways

4chan is like the wild west in a forum
tumblr is for leftist teens who post stupid shit television drama

how could they be allies


no too reddit because they and tumblr are the same except they’re grown ass men

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reddit is just the blockland forums for people who only jerk off with one hand.

no reddit is pro-censorship


Ten bucks says you need to lurk moar

Thats any reddit post really