Im missing the unturned.exe

So ive tried reinstalling unturned twice already but the file just isnt there.
Please help.

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What antivirus are you using? That would be my only idea, I don’t think verifying files would do anything more than a full reinstall.

What does it say exactly when you try to launch the game?

It doesnt say anything im just trying to host a server.

Screenshot the folder for it. You’re using the U3DS tool and following the official server hosting guide, right?

Yeah im following the thingy

Screenshot the U3DS folder.

Ok one sec

I don’t see an issue here, you just have the file extensions disabled.

Type in something like “show file extensions” and it’ll take you to the settings for it. I believe one of the things will be “hide known file extensions”, uncheck that however the thing is worded.


thanks man, you saved my life.

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