I'm new to the forums, just wanted to introduce myself


Hello, my name is Cole, I am a staff member for the youtuber Nylex and help him out a lot with his videos, I have almost 1,500 hours in Unturned and have loved every minutes of it, I wanted to start to get into the Unturned community because I have loved being a part of the Nylex community so much and I just wanted to introduce myself, I will just try to have some fun helping out and reply to things I know about or that I think I can help with


Bro that’s a bit harsh, well anyways, welcome to the community, I’m AJ, a relatively longtime user and used to be a regular. You’ll probably see me posting random ideas and around a lot. Once again. Welcome to the community!

Not to brag, but I’m also one of the 3 people with the empathetic badge XD
(given 1000 likes and received 500 likes)


There was no need to mention the amount of hours you have on unturned.
Nevertheless, welcome to the Unturned forums. I’m Kylie. And as AJ said…

I spend most of my time critiquing other people’s ideas. But I do make posts of my own after giving it enough thought and process, though that rarely happens


Many forums have this introducton habit so I don’t see anything bad with it.
Btw I’m m4d, I think a lot but realize nothing, welcome aboard.


Welcome to the think tank! Make sure to check out the sites devlogs, and hey if your lucky you might even glimpse the man himself!
or get a like


Welcome, I’m Pug, a relatively new member and a relatively new memer


I’m nuclearpotato and i just farded and shidded and camed

welcome to hell bucko


Hello I’m Yarr, I’m an abusive pirate of this forum and I’ll make sure you would wish you were never born!

The other moderator is that stinking cabin boy who would sabotage my schemes


Yarr this is how you scare people away…

Howdy friend, welcome to the forums! I’m n3rf, and I like to pretend I actually positively contribute to this community, but we all know that’s a lie :,)

But in all seriousness, welcome aboard, and make sure to read and follow the rules. Also, don’t forget to reply to @discobot in your DM’s; he’ll give you a bunch of cool tips for using Discourse!


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


Oh shit I’ve accidentally summoned him.



In all honesty I never did the tutorial :wink:


There is a tutorial??


I just wanted the shiny badge on my profile…


Should we summon a second one?


Proof Yarrrr isn’t fit to be mod on the forums.
#PromoteTorra /s


Neither did I XD


“And thus, General Di Ravello began his tyrannical reign over Medici.”


Hi, I’m Flodo, your friendly Brazilian neighbor thing