I'm scared for this

I do not know how much the game can be modified by the mods, but what would happen if someone creates a 0% water, food mod, that the ammunition and loaders are taken out of the boxes and that you can collect all the ammunition you want? basically, a PvP mod, that’s my fear that all public servers are like this, can this happen?

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Actually, there may be lots of servers that applies this. However, it’s nothing to be afraid of, since I personally expect roleplay lovers to thrive in the playerbase as much as PvP ones, which is currently the most on 3.x.

It’s very difficult to imagine a view from which every single server available for the game is a modded PvP. Not even on 3.x this happens, though most servers has plugins, mods and other stuff, but there are still many that aren’t centered on PvP, which leads to some hope about how 4.x playerbase will do.


oh thanks, i almost lost the faith in the 4.0, i thought the 4.x become a ARMA game or a no survival game

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Even if servers do this, you could always just play on the official servers instead.


There’s no need to start having false beliefs. All you’re doing is trying to stir up unnecessary negativity.


You know what?
Personally I would be completely fine with that,since the gun play and customization will be pretty in-depth in 4.0,even PVP lovers are going to consider seriously the PVP aspect of 4.0 (Sick of those noobs bunny hopping and using 3rd person all the time all the time :rage:).So,as a result,the PVP community of 4.0 will be much cleaner and mature because guns will not be just boom-sticks, but actual weapons.Consequently, even PVP servers will not be playgrounds,but battlefields.

Also,as Molton said,you can always play at the official servers.

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There be a south ameria servers?

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