Im seriuos 😠


eligibility for 1 extra experienced berets

you should be able to wear 2 at the same time but you gain an extra head each time you get a new one

all the veteran player will have like 8 heads

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hurry up nelson :angry:

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Jokes aside, how cool would it be if your orange beret got a mythical effect for each 2400 hour milestone you hit? Like, glowing effect at 4800 hours

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@nelson please


Purple one is cooler tho

you know what…lets ban nelson and make unturned a communist game

What if there was a beret of every possible color?


I mean… That’s a lot of berets

That would make 23149125 different berets. Give or take.

Maye be competely off

There’s an infinity of colours, but using the RGB system you get roughly over 16 million.

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Better get cracking then.

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yarrrr should know the answer to this question (;

23 million. Totally.

I’m most definitely wrong

What about all the wool/concrete colors in minecraft?


Of which the human eye can see 6,000,000 to 10,000,000.

P sure you can get a greater variety from leather armor colors.

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