I'm still sad that Nelson removed the helicopter crash from Montague and Scorpion 7 from PEI

Oh and also the police checkpoint near the airport. I still don’t get why he removed them. For what purpose? This might seem like a huge nitpick but this is coming from someone who plays almost exclusively on PEI and prefers it over Washington and Russia for PVP. (I almost never play on them and I have never, not even once played any map released after Hawaii.)

No disrespect if you like other maps but for me vanilla PEI is the way Unturned is meant to be played and I feel like the little easter eggs scattered around the map added a nice touch and gave it a big boost. What do you guys think?


I would assume it’s probably to have a more well defined progression with “early game” and “late game” areas, sorts like what Russia has. Not saying that was a good idea but probably what Nelson was going for.

I do agree that it makes for nice detail, would’ve been better imo if it was kept in some way like made into a crashed police/civilian helicopter and the car wrecks were made into regular civilian ones.

the player spawn right next to summerside:


I never said it was well implemented or a good idea lol

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The original reasoning for removal of helicopter (and the other locations) was making the PEI into a more balanced map somewhere between the PvP extreme of Washington and ““survival”” “experience” of Yukon.

I don’t think think any of these changes were good or well thought out. Most of the gameplay now revolves around running between the same two locations located right next to each other, the Confederation bridge and the Summerside military base. Only other notable point of interest might be Holman Isle, there is also a handful of minor ranger locations, which are fine but there is simply not enough locations to give much value.

I think the cardinal sin of this PEI update was removal of Scorpion-7, it created a nice balance for the top left corner of the map filled with military loot. Why are the only two military locations located so close to each other and in one corner of the map? They are so close they might aswell be one location. It’s hard to describe it in any other way but the current PEI is simply unbalanced.

I might be looking at this with a fair bit of nostalgia but I am glad I have spent the majority of my playtime on the old version of PEI, even the minor locations such as the submarine or the sunken junk have a pleasant spot in my memory and I remember vividly looting them many times, these locations also had no apparent reason for their removal, making PEI the ‘less military’ and ‘more survival’ map compared to Washington might have seemed good on paper but the changes to the map were heavy handed and as mentioned before, not well thought out. It feels like the old PEI at least tried to counteract the military loot located on the other ends of the map with a handful of ranger spawns and minor military location such as the helicopter crash and the more major Scorpion-7.

With hindsight I would say there could be more minor ranger locations around the map to counteract all the military loot on the other side of the map and Scorpion-7 definitely deserved a better replacement than fourth farm location on the map. The helicopter crash could have easily been replaced with something similar to barricaded up house in 2.0 Montague, bottom right corner of the map could have received a minor military location instead of a dissapointing farm location, while locations such as submarine or sunken junk genuinely did not need to be removed. The moving of police checkpoint is also questionable, I can’t think of a single reason for it, it just creates more empty space between the locations, even though Airport didn’t have much reason to be looted anyway. I could ramble on further but it just feels like PEI is a lot of wasted potential, with the current map you can look at pretty much the entire right half of the map and just decide that it’s not really worth looting, there is no military locations, there is a total of five ranger item spawns (4 on airport tower, 1 in the washing machine) and civilian/police locations like anywhere else on the map, it’s dissapointing and I wish the PEI would receive an overhaul that would look at it critically.


I think this is particularly bad for multiplayer because one group can just camp that area and control all the high tier loot as well.


Yes. 4 hours into wipe a team of 3+ after nonstop looting military can raid metal bases if there are any. And they won’t see any resistance because they will be the only ones with military gear.


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