I'm thinking of starting a server Q/A

These are just some questions about serer Hosting/Running, specifically unturned 3.X servers

  1. What is a good website to use (For server hosting), or should i just make a server room?

  2. How many players can you fit before the game stops functioning properly?

  3. How many people can join a game before the client starts to lag?

  4. Can there be more than 48 players stably?

  5. I’m also planning on making the server a non reset server set in Russia

  6. How much would this hypothetical 48-64 player server cost to maintain per week

Servers with over 24 players are “pretty janky.”

Partly depends on the hardware you’re hosting with. Partly going to be an issue with Unturned’s multiplayer performance in general.

Afaik the limit is 48, although there might be plugins that allow for more. Additionally, over 24 players and the server won’t show up in the server list. You’d have to use plugins if you want to bypass that, which would falsely misrepresent your actual player count to the server list (although I don’t know if these are still functional, and I personally wouldn’t do that just because it goes against the system’s intentions).

Depends on the provider (if you use one).

EDIT: For below comment; it’s a hobby.

Is this your job molt, or do you just do this as a hobby?

One last question, how do you get to the user tutorial…

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Google Sites isa very professional website creator. If you are good with it, people won’t even notice it’s a google sites website like mine. I bought a domain so I don’t have to type https://sites.google.com/view/royalarmsservers/ but instead simply royalarms.net - you’ll only notice it’s a google site if you scroll all the way down. I use my website for server machine information, staff information, ex-staff information, and etc.

The game has an obvious limit of 24 players. Keep it that way, or else your server will not appear on the master serverlist (which is usually your main source of new players). There are plugins I know of and have that manipulate the server into accepting more than 24, but once 25 players are in the server will no longer appear on the master serverlist

Uh… again, don’t worry about this. 24 is the standard. Clients should never lag, unless it’s the serve rmachines fault

I’d say a server should never have more than 24 players. The way Unturned’s netcode is, it doesn’t like more. The more the less merrier.

Non reset? As in no wipes? Good. Server wipes are completely unecessary rubbish that server owners make up. Players don’t like the fact theres a team with good loot? Vote for a wipe. Server owner too lazy or not dedicated enough to run the server on good hardware so the server lags when theres a lot of structures? Vote for a wipe. It’s non sense. If you can’t host then you can’t host. Don’t punish players because of your bad decisions. Also, Unturned has an automatic wiping system whereby old structures are completely erased after a weeks time.

Even though I heavily think you shouldn’t have that many players due to Unturned’s bad netcode and the fact nobody will find the server besides word-of-mouth (which is often a terrible form of advertising) I’d say you’d need some Intel CPU with good single-threading, probably the latest gen 9000 series. I think (not so sure) that Unturned is heavily single-threaded very much like Minecraft. So single-threaded performance for such a large overwhelming server would be better. I’m not sure how much it would ‘cost’ as the ‘cost’ is how much your build it plus whatever the electricity is

But for reference I run 12 servers on my machine. When I did the math for the machine at full load (even though it is never actually at full load) it totaled around 120$ a year - which may not be totally accurate, but thats pretty cheap compared to renting from some overpriced VPS provider at 15$ a month per server, which would be 2160$ a year for 12 servers. Also my machine costed 650$ including the GPU, so it’s pretty cheap.

Let me try to help you based on years of experience with succesfully hosting numerous of Unturned Servers:

Most users prefer a Discord Server. Its easy to make and easy to use for others.
Most users just dont like websites even though they are better, if executed properly.
I have always used a Discord server, as its just better overall.

You should go with 24. Up to 48 is possible (if hardware is good enough) but really not recommended.

Pretty much same as above.

It is possible (with god tier hardware), but even then players will lag cause Unturned is being Unturned.

As long as its not high structure health, that should be fine.

It really depends on the hosting service, but I would say around $25 / month

i wouldn’t do 64 player servers. Keep it at 48. 64 players would be chaotic