Imersive System

well this will be a exelent and a bad idea, exelent because is a think new in a game (well i wait) and bad because i don´t have idea of how hard is make this maybe impossible to group of programers “of nelson”.

well the idea is add a eletric and automatic systens like cameras, sentries, drones (just examples) togheter with this a system intuitive using the cellphones of yourselfs for download of a program to control and watch you equippements and gadgets in game.

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I like the idea of some electrical systems using like wires and such, but I’m not too sure about downloading a real app to use them. That seems not only convoluted, but somewhat hard to synchronize phone to client to server. Not to mention it breaks immersion since it takes you out of the game to control something within the game.


Nelson already has electrical systems planned, but drones and stuff don’t fit with the game.


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