Just a quick idea I had, not going to take the time to really format it since it’s a niche idea. Essentially, implosives collapse inwards, creating a vacuum and sucking things inwards instead of throwing them outwards like an explosive. Although impossible with current technology, it could be said that this was developed from the alternate dimension from which the Turned originated from, and could therefore probably be found during the proposed excursions.


  • Silent as a result of air being sucked into it, noticable visible effects however.
  • Damages structural integrity instead of actual structural health (assuming stability system similar to Rust is adopted), if low enough the implosion will pull the entire structure component apart.
  • Smaller effective radius than comparable explosives grenades or charges, however if close enough any player, Turned, etc, would be crushed instantly.
  • Shatters all nearby glass as a result of air pressure.
  • Does not damage vehicles, however it does destroy the upholstery and windows.
  • Sucks all of the air out of the room, if detonated within an airtight area could cause everyone inside to suffocate.

Oh, no! Not my heated leather seats!


I’m not sure how exactly it would work, but it’d be cool if nearby objects that were sucked in caused additional damage as a result, assuming it isn’t an insta-kill. Planks and metal being flung at a turned or someone else. Or someone’s hiding behind some light cover which is then used against them.

Really neat idea though, I like the idea of damaging structural integrity instead of direct damage.


Sound like a neat idea,I would also suggest that this kind of phenomenon should also be imlemented as an environmental anomaly (Yes similar to STALKER).This would really force players to pay more attention to their surroundings and add interesting new gameplayaspects,such as obstacle courses that would eventually lead to a stash,as a high risk-high reward approach on loot,more dynamic and thoughtfull engagements with Turned and players alike,and hey…even turned using it as their weapon.

So what you are suggesting is finding a crafted, and somehow contained black hole.

No, not really. First of all, I have no idea where you got craftable from, and yes, a black hole is caused by an implosion, but an implosion is not a black hole.

is this supposed to be some kind of mini black hole explosive device? sounds bomb m8

So are we saying that the world where the virus came from will have basically opposite rules to ours? Allowing them to study it and create this?..


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