Improve hunting animals

currently in unturned 3.0 hunting is not used often. this is because you’re better off just running into a town and grabbing some food and some clothes.

maybe the food from animals could give us special effects when we eat them? like eating cooked beef could make it harder for zombies to smell us.

ways to find animals?
it would be nice if animals left foot prints in the spots they walked through, occasionally leaving droppings on the ground. or if we wound an animal and it runs away, it would leave blood trails.

after we kill an animal we can use a knife or a sharp tool we have to clean it and grab the meat. the amount of food we get from the animal would depend on the tool’s quality. if we used a very high quality knife, we could get 20% more food from it. if we used a fire axe, we would get 30% less meat from it. and if we didn’t currently have a sharp tool but we had rope on us, maybe we could tie it up and drag it back to our base? we should also be able to take the antlers/horns off the animal and use it as a trophy. every deer would have its own size. also for antlers. (randomly generated)

also, food should degrade when not kept in a fridge

maybe we could use rotten food as bait for animals? like we could place some low quality food somewhere and it would attract a nearby bear.

the leather from animals should be very high quality. a full leather suit should keep you warm even during a snow storm. the back pack should be able to hold lots of stuff. your leather clothing should protect you from zombie bites too. (less radiation from bites)


Some pretty nice posts have already been made about some of your suggested ideas, you should check em out. You can search old posts with the magnifying glass in the top right, not a roast but just a reminder before all the spergs get on here and try to say “dOn’T RePosT cAsUaL”.

Although things like tracking trails of footprints and blood have already been discussed, I like the part you add about higher quality knives rewarding more resources and the option to cut up an animal with alternative means in a pinch with less efficiency like an axe. Would be cool to have a hunting buck knife be the best knife in game for cleaning and gutting animals. I like the idea of items having specific niche roles, rather than something like a military knife being the end all knife.

Although many of these topics have been discussed, I think it only shows the community would love to see things like hunting, fishing, and farming play a bigger role in the game. Which I think it will.

This is from the Roadmap, although its not as in depth I am pretty sure we will see some improvements to hunting. But I think we will get a better idea when Nelson starts adding more features and we can see how they interact with each other.

For sure we need to mount our hunted game on the wall for the flex, and base customization. If deer had different sized antlers that would be a really nice addition, adding a little sport to it and bragging rights.


This isn’t neccessarily correct. It just depends on what the settings are for rate of item spawns on the servers you play on (or set yourself in singleplayer). If there aren’t many clothes spawns then it is worthwhile to kill animals you come across and make clothes (most importantly a backpack) from the leather. Leather pants and top also have a bit more storage capacity than most tops and pants you find at civilian spawns (apart from parkas/cargo pants) so on a harder server with a low rate of spawn it’s actually a pretty worthwhile thing that I’ve found myself doing several times. I believe leather pants even have the same storage capacity as military pants.

As for food I can kind of agree with you, but when I am in need of a lot of food on a harder server (decayed food, low spawn rate) I often find myself cooking meat with a campfire as a good source of decent food, as well as taking milk from cows and storing it at my base for a good drink as well, meat and milk do fill the food/water bar pretty high. If I have the inventory space available I often find myself hunting animals and storing meat and milk if I need to, more food and water is always good.

However it’s not really something you can rely on for food and drink, wild animals are pretty rare and it’s not really sustainable. It’s also really weird that you kill cows and they drop boxes of milk, I think farming animals would be a cool addition to the game (chicken for eggs, cows for milk etc) as a sustainable source of food and water that you can rely on as an alternative to farming or looting for food and water.

Wouldn’t this just deter players from hunting animals instead of looting for food? If you’re trying to suggest additions that would give more reasons for hunting I don’t see how this really helps.

I think in UII we should be able to survive without needing to loot ever. Although obviously we would need to loot to get higher-tier gear, it shouldn’t be the only reliable way to survive for food, water, shelter etc. More specialized things could exist for relying off nature to survive, such as tanning leather, making stone tools, farming animals, riding on horses etc.

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Yeah animal hunting needs a buff

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I agree with you that players should be able to live off the land and nature. I would love to see U2 have a foraging feature where different plants can be found in the wild. And honestly even when players get to the military end game, they should still need farms with plants and animals. As I am assuming towns and food stores won’t be as abundant in provisions as 3.0.

But I don’t think this would discourage anyone from hunting especially if they had for instance a buck knife found at camping grounds that granted more resources. I think things like tools need to be looted in order to survive or survival becomes to easy. Making stone tools to me sounds to much like Rust. Where that games focus isn’t really on survival and just skips the survival part.

I think if a player could run into the woods and forage all the supplies to build a base and feed themselves without stepping foot in a town, wouldn’t everyone do that? I think its important that players be able to boil water, hunt, farm, and be sustainable with low tier gear, but they need to loot something.

This IMO is contributing factor to 3.0’s easy survival. A naked can too easily build everything and advance without having some kind of progression of tools. I think players need to loot items like hatchets, knives, axes, saws, and blowtorches. If they could just build things like hatchets and knives it would be too easy.

A players survival kit should be very important to them, and if a naked could do the same as someone with campground loot everyone will skip the campground. Get the basics in the woods and move straight to military. I think for U2 to be more survival, survival has to be more of a threat and I believe a good supporting factor of that is the tools needed to survive.

I am not a huge fan of makeshift tools like axes and picks, even if they have low durability and are not as efficient. I am however a huge fan of leather clothes, handmade bows, living off the land, and alternative survival methods. I just think some ground work has to be down in the form of looted tools and maybe a workbench.


Basic loot should be able to be found by foraging and crafting as well as looting.

It’s not “challenging” to wait around for the thing you need to progress the game to spawn in, that’s just boring and a waste of time. When you start off you should make for instance a very basic “stone axe” that takes a long time to cut trees, and a makeshift weapon from scavenged sticks, that you could start off with and would require work to upgrade and use more efficiently as you progress and scavenge for more things. I am not suggesting specialized items be able to be crafted without looting at all (such as blowtorches, etc). To me things that require specialized metal parts should be a “higher-tier” thing, You should be able to survive on foraging but not get the best gear from it.

Looting should require its own challenges, looted items from towns/civilian areas shouldn’t be better than crafted items by default, but require an entirely separate method of upkeep with its own advantages and drawbacks. Then you could have multiple choices, rather than having to stick to one method of getting by when you start off.

If as you say crafting would be so good that “everyone would do that”, then isn’t what you’re suggesting so good that everyone loots instead, like in 3.0 currently? To me the entire process of getting basic gear is just a pain in the ass in 3.0 because there is only one way to do it which is very time-consuming, and if you die or move to a different server you have to do the same thing all over again. So there should be multiple ways to do it.


Personally I feel 3.0 is not very time consuming and things like axes and knives are not that hard to find. The only thing that stops me in 3.0 from running in a straight line to military is stuff like blowtorches, axes, and chainsaws. The point should be if you die you are set back and the balance shouldn’t be built around the ability to start up really quickly because you went to a different server.

And gathering loot is the main point of the game. I am not a fan of makeshift tools as I think tools should a necessary thing for players to complete survival tasks. I think if everyone can run to the woods to and gather basic tools it gets rid of a lot of progression. I think players should have to go to towns, camps, and farms. If they find things like knives, axes, and fishing poles they can go into the woods to start surviving.

But just from speculation of the game running into the woods won’t be the best idea as players still need things like clothes for the cold, medicine, weapons , and various town like items.

I think if any makeshift item was created, looted items should always be better.

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