Improve! Improve! Improve! |Kuwait Blog #4|

Welcome Back!

Admittedly, this is once again a smaller post in terms of new content because it focuses more on things that have already been made - but improved!
This doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been new content made however. Please check the Kuwait City Arena Mini-Blog I’ll have up soon to see what the majority of October has been spent on!

I have been making much more new foliage, such as desert grasses that will be spread out around the map, along with the new dead palm trees pictured below.

(Also, take this post as a Q&A session if you’re curious about anything I’ve showcased up until this point. :slight_smile: )

Pictured: Highway of Death remains, with nature beginning to overtake manmade structures.

Next up is the improvements - I have redone most of my objects to be properly smoothed and optimized them to the extent that I think the map runs much better now in the more densely populated areas, and I have also added Landmarks which I have forgotten to include in the previous iterations of the objects.

Ex. Campgrounds are no longer tiny little tent camps, but rather much more lavish beachhouse resorts with cabanas and sea breezes.

Another example of improving the map was getting rid of the putrid orange sand that has been part of the map for how long now, 6 months? Anyway - that bit is gone and replaced with a much more eye friendly dark beige sand.

That’s it for now, and remember to check the Kuwait City Arena Mini-Blog to see what I’ve mainly been working on this month.

Thanks, and have a pleasant Halloween :slight_smile:

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Ay looks pretty nice so far, pleasant Halloween to you too :jack_o_lantern:

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Great to hear :slight_smile:

Oh, also, something I forgot to mention but I really needed to:

This map is a culmination of a community effort. Without the incredible help, effort or even interests of many community members, many elements would not be in the map.

I’d like to give a huge special thanks to @Dieselsisel and @Leprechan12 for being tremendous sources of help and interest, and for also putting up with my shit when I was struggling while trying to learn modding.

I would list everyone else, but the list would probably be a page and a half long - point is, I love everyone who has helped me in the past two years with this project, and anyone who was there to support and watch me work on it too. Love you all.

I think I need some shades for that sun.

Quick question what’s a Kuwait and are they in any way related to a Kumquat? /s

I LIKE THE ROOFS ON THOSE BUILDINGS BY THE WATER theyre really good, nice job animatic

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Dang, this is looking really good so far. Definitely better than what progress I have in my desert map, lol.

Shit he’s on to us

Thank you Danaby, very cool.

It takes time, and plus, you’ve been busy with other things :slight_smile:

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Don’t tell me what to do mother

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Can’t see the images so I don’t know if this has happened, but you should make it so sand has partially blown into a few of the towns.

Desertification is already a thing.


Perhaps. Perhaps you do.

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Kuwait more like can’t wait

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