Improved Vitals-Hunger

I know Unturned 2 will be a (hopefully) harder and in depth survival game, but here are some cool ideas.
Improved Hunger
Hunger in 3 is just a bar that has to be filled with food, I would like there to be a bit more to it than that in 4 I was thinking things like:
Multiplyers for Vitals
Irl you can go a week without eating and be fine if a little hungry. This is hard to create in survival games as players would abuse it by starving themselves for ages and only eating when they neeeeed to, on the other hand there is the “mini dayz” hunger bar that makes you starve every five minutes without food. I think a solution would be to have a bar with multiplyers on it. The first bar would go down about 2 to 3 times a day without food depending of metabolism and exercise, it is your breakfast lunch and dinner bar and it keeps your guy happy and gives benefits. After that the next bar goes down slower(to bottom btw), like once every day from there. After that bar your not looking to good, you would be getting major debuffs and your healing would stop/slow, your guy would take damage easyier and may even do things slower, this bar would take another day or two to go down.The final bar is lifeline, desperate bar your character would only last half a day like this and would be in great pain with more Major debuffs. After that your ultimate health bar would go down and you would die. If you eat after starving for a while all bars go down quicker and it will take a short time to stablise and the debuffs to clear out.
The food
Food should have different components to it, this would be things like, fats, protein, and carbohydrates. You would need a healthy mix to survive well. Having a good cooking skill will give you a little indication about how much of each is in each food, this gives cooking skill another purpose. Junk food (common food for EDCs) will he high in fats and will fill you up, but will make you unhealthy (and possibly sick). The food would fill your hunger bar a different amount per bar it’s on
Just quickly thirst would work like hunger only with different speeds for the bars in total being shorter.
Reworked hunger bar with different speeds that it goes down.
Debuffs for starving yourself
Food is now make of different components that the player needs.

Ps I’m going to do one for medical/temp and btw how do I hide the text under clickable options with the little arrow.


I think most of it is a good idea, i think that being low on hunger or thirst should decres your stamina as an early debuff


Pretty sure Nelson said something about how the food and water bars that were in 3.X should just be combined unless there’s an actual difference in what they do, but I can’t find the quote right now, so you can probably ignore this part until someone with their intelligence maxed out comes along with the exact quote.

Why does the game decide what I’m feeling? What benefits?

How would it improve gameplay to make surviving near starvation into more of a nuisance than starving to death would be?

Pretty sure he never said that.

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Which they basically would have their own function imo, it’d just be, like, buried with the nutrition system or whatever. :man_shrugging:

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