Improvement to sprint toggle setting

Being able to toggle your sprint to a toggle instead of hold is a great option but currently it suffers from a small issue, whenever your stamina bar reaches 0, the sprint is still ‘active’ and the moment you gain a sliver of stamina back you start sprinting again for a split second and reach 0 again (resulting in endless loop of getting 3 stamina and running for split second). What should likely happen when you reach 0 stamina with sprint on toggle, is it should turn itself off until you press the button again, that way you dont need to press the sprint button again to toggle sprint off after you reach 0 stamina but can instead let it regenerate and start sprinting when it’s convienient again (not when you regen 3 points of stamina).

Quite an essay to describe simple phenomena but I hope it’s understandable.


@SDGNelson Fix this man’s problems my loyal subject.

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